Tula Pink Tiny Beasts

An Introduction

Hello there, welcome, welcome to our new online store. We have so much planned for the rest of this year, in the next 6 months you'll see lots of activity and lots of new products. These fabrics are just in and look at those lovely colours!

A bit about Lemon Lyrebird - our focus is high quality fabrics, value for money kits, mostly quilt projects but with a spattering of small projects that are quick and satisfying. 

How we differ - lots of thought and care is put in to our kits, we love the classics as well as modern, we'll strive to engage with makers of all kinds, we value our environment so our packaging is mostly compostable, and we hate waste so I'm sure there'll be fabric donations at some stage to charity groups.

A bit about me - I'm the owner of Lemon Lyrebird and really enjoy sewing, in particular creating and making quilts. I have lots of loves - my family and friends, cooking, wine, dogs, and of course hobbies - home made is best. 

Visit our Facebook page (Instagram coming soon) every now and then, hopefully you'll see something that inspires you to get sewing. 

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