Design boards

Design boards

I've been wanting a stack of design boards since forever. Every time I've sat down to work on an applique block or a fiddly pieced block. I have finally decided on these, and they consist of a mashed technique or two.

The first one I did was simply glued, but I wasn't happy with the finish on it (yes, I'm fussy). I really like stitching on the binding of the end product.

First design board

The second attempt was to sew the fabric edging binding-style straight onto the board, even though it was quicker, less messy and the sewing machine did fine, I didn't like the finish. But, if you don't mind the back looking a little skew-ey this method is fine.

Second design board

So, my preferred method is one where I first stitch the binding fabric so that when it's glued on it looks like it's stitched, plus nice and straight front and back. Happy days!'s the little things... ;-) 

Best results for me

Materials used - great for using up scraps too:

  • Corflute panel/s
  • 2" strips of fabric, long enough for binding the entire square (I used scraps)
  • squares of batting (I used scraps here too)
  • Craft glue - acetone free (I used the brand 'boyle')

Method I used for these boards, but can be made any size:

  1. Cut corflute into 11" squares (got 6 out of the panel I bought from hardware shop)
  2. Cut batting to exact same size
  3. Glue the batting to the front of each board
  4. Press the 2" fabric strip in half
  5. Fold over one side of the fabric towards the fold approx 1/4", and topstitch 1/8" or just less from edge
  6. Do the same on the other edge of the fabric, so the 2 long edges are folded over towards the centre press line
  7. Glue the binding around the edge of the board - I glued the centre press line to the edge first, then worked around the edges and used binding clips to hold it firm
  8. I mitred the corners...well a bit, wasn't really fussed with them too much, just enough to neaten the corners
  9. Leave the binding clips on the corners until the glue is tacky and holds firm, then take the clips off and leave the glue dry overnight
  10. ta daaahh!!! Done :)
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