Postage stamp quilt pieces

Scrap solution - a postage stamp quilt in the making.

And so starts my journey in making a postage stamp quilt. These 1.5" squares will be pieced together (very, very slowly) in a process inspired by The Last Homely House's Kate (love her curtains), and a tip about leaders and enders at the SA Quilters Guild meeting this week. 

Kate's episode if you want some detail on leaders and enders:

I struggle to work out what to do with scraps, I don't have enough time to organise them so they're useful, and they end up building up. I'm hoping that with this process I will do something useful with small scraps.

My plan - once a quilt project is finished, I'll cut up the smaller scraps into 1.5" squares, and will add them to this pile. Every time I work on a project I'll piece a couple of pieces together as leaders and enders. Hope this works - this may take a year or 2! :)

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