Seasonal fabrics - to buy or not to buy?

There's a lot of fun in selecting seasonal fabrics, and then making something with it to decorate the home or to gift - definitely feel good moment.

But - do we actually have to buy seasonal fabric? Well, the answer is no...we really don't.

If you take a moment to think about seasonal colours, you can undertake a seasonal project without the obligatory seasonal fabric purchase. The photo is of a quilt top or hanging made by a lovely friend, with tone on tone fabric.

"Why do that" you say? Well for one, storage space is limited for me so having to store something for another year until the season rolls around again is a pain.

Seasonal fabrics go out of fashion like any other fabric, unless you've scored a range you absolutely love and are happy to pull out and use again, they're generally only good for the time you purchase them. 

Tastes also change, the fabric you loved last year may not be what you like this year.

So, how is it achieved? Purchase some solids or blender fabrics that you love, these are much more useful and more satisfying to store as they can be used during the year for any other project.

Think about the season, Christmas is easy - red and green, or you could lean towards non-traditional and have blues and silvers (yep, silvers and golds can be used on other projects, there are accent fabrics out there that have nothing to do with snowflakes or baubles).

Halloween is generally autumn colours, lovely oranges, earthy tones, plus purples, black and grey. 

Easter (one of my favourites), symbolises spring so pastels or brights, and white.

Australia day - green and gold.

I love this idea, the creative possibilities are huge! Applique, quilts, table settings, etc. With some thought about what you really like to use in solids or blenders, you could also save some money and have the leftovers and scraps to use on another project during the year. I'm in, as a wise person once said to me "let's turn it on it's head".  

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