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Aurifil Thread - Hand Stitching with the Last Homely House - Kate Jackson floss

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Hand Stitching with the Last Homely House is the debut thread collection for Kate Jackon, featuring Aurifil's 100% cotton 6-strand divisible floss. 

"Kate Jackson of The Last Homely House is phenomenally inspiring and beautifully relatable, inviting fans into her home week after week via her wildly popular YouTube channel. She inspires us all to grab a hot cup of tea, find a comfy corner in a cozy space, and dive into something creative... to take those moments for ourselves."

10 small spools of floss. Colours Included: 
2026, 2410, 2710, 5014, 2880 3817, 2530, 1128, 2860, 1114

Images and description from Aurifil. 

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